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Hey men! You asked so right here you are! The new PrimeDice 4 at is real-time and also below is the initial video worldwide showing my exclusive brand-new HOT 100x wager win technique for every one of you! Delight in and also be sure to comment below, like as well as subscribe for more secret approaches that I will certainly share!

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Comments 36

  • would you advise if i do this with 0.0004 btc

  • I was done with pd but I think I might log on just cause of this pd4

  • It’s funny seeing myself in the chat. I’m Thaxle on there. I do like the new affiliate section.

  • Very good nice strategy Adam. Thanks

  • Another Awesome video Mike!! keep it up.

    • Just tried it with 0.162 bitcoin and stopped at 0.173. It actually works! Had to stop it as the bets got up to 13,800. Taken a break and come back to it again later. Remember people, don’t get TOO greedy. Pace yourself.

  • OMG< OMG< OMG - YES< YES< YES!!! R U KIDDING ME!!!???? This works so hard I cannot BELIEVE IT! ADAM YUR AMAZING!! <3<3 xoxoxoxox

    • could tell me u use how many bitcoins and gain how much tks

    • i use this strat an hour or so at a time. I try not to over do it. it’s a slow and steady process so you can’t speed this process up without risking the entire pot. After awhile it will give you nothing but reds and a lot of heartache. believe me. lol

    • I actually started off with faucet and chat bonuses until I got to a point where I could start gaining any profits using this strategy. Adam is known to bet BIG, so by betting lower than what he suggests, may or may not be profitable. I modified the base bet to compensate for the possible losses I will receive. Today I started with 300k sats and betted at 51sats at the bare minimum (any smaller will not work with 1% on loss as effectively and you’ll be losing out on the profit bounce back) and made sure my seeds have been refreshed, every hour. 😛

      Every 100k+, or so, I would tip to my ‘bank’ my profits made. rinse and repeat. I played for one hour sets with two hour breaks. If you prefer, use those breaks on another site or account. 😛 I like to play it safe, with a few risky maneuvers here and there. Once you have 0.1 or much more, then it’ll make more sense to up the bets to 1000sats, in my personal experience with Adam’s method.

      Hope this helps! 😉

    • thank u very much :))

    • How you refesh seeds?

  • Very cool I’m definitely going to have to try this thanks for sharing.

  • man i like you ..

  • thx, i will try it

  • Hey bud, if you come to Boston hmu. I’d love to make money with you, and def got the best meds on the east coast lol

  • Hey Adam, I’m Thami from RSA. I stumbled upon your videos days ago. I must say this was a blessing. learning a lot from you. please when you ever come to South Africa tell me in advance, I must meet you in person. I hope you are as cool as in your vids

  • Hey Adam , I can use this method with a balance less value 0.01 , decreasing also the bet amount to 0.00000100 thank you!

  • hi adam. Primedice is not allowed in the Philippines? I wanna play and try to use your strat 🙂

  • Any methods for a new beginner please ? I only have 0.00000617 BTC , what methond should i start?? please answer me ! Thanks.

  • have you ever ran out of balance while playing with this method??

  • thx! It’s a amazing strategie nice job man !
    i go try this ^^

  • Dude i really dont comment on youtube but wow.. you made me so much mıney i cant even imagine earning from the internet you are the best bro

  • still work in march 2017 ?

  • cool strategy

  • Year Right lol

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